Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Santa clause does exist" or does he?

Before any kid who believes Santa exists reads this-Santa does "exist", so no need to read this post ( its not like i have a huge base of 5 year old kids reading my blog. But i just thought I needed to be more socially responsible)

Now every Christmas my family had a regular plan, we went to the midnight mass came home slept and my mom would prepare a feast fit for 3 kings! And the rest of the day we spend by trying to digest all those delicacies. When I was in second standard I had one of those brainwaves (seems absolutely foolproof at that moment, only to backfire in totally unimaginable ways) I thought “why don’t I hang up one of those socks on the Christmas tree with a wish list of things I wanted for Christmas. (Inspired by a Hollywood movie I saw at that time and the idea of making Christmas more productive brightened up my young face, just like our Christmas tree in the living room.) 
                                                        So I got one of my father’s large socks and put in a long yet sweet list of toys I wanted for Christmas and hung it up on the Christmas tree.(hey, I was really young then) I was so exited that I jumped around even in the church.The jumping and all the excitement made me fall asleep quicker than my expected time of Santa’s arrival. And of course my sister was skeptical of the idea (she had that higher wisdom- she actually knew Santa was a myth, and that knowledge made her even more like the kid who liked burning ants with a lens)

                                        And yet I wake up in the morning and before anything else, ran to the tree to see if there was any "new development” there. No gifts of any sorts, but the sock was gone.(at first I thought Santa was after all a poor old man- he needs some time, or may be there might be some red tape issue at north pole, I mean even parcel services worked slower even with a lot fewer deliveries) Then I had started having second thoughts about my theory after I saw my sister walk into the room. I asked my parents and my sister if they took my magic sock, my parents in response kept asking my sister if she hid it they even searched her room. But no, the sock seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth like magic. To a 7 year old there are fewer things more thrilling, and awesome than that. So when I was hopping about and teasing my sister, my father was in the backyard watering plants- he called me and my sister.
                                                            When we were in the back yard, what we saw was our pet dog Ronny (Sir Ronald, I later named him) chewing on something at the far end of the garden.(Ronny was a puppy back then and we used to let him loose inside our home, he slept on my bed, or in the toilet or he would make my bed his toilet and sleep there. But you get the point right?) if you still didn't guess what Ronny was chewing on- it was the magic sock. So the mystery Santa clause was none other than our loyal friend/pet Ronny, he looked at us with his usual “what did I do wrong now?” look. So that was one of the Christmases to forget that I never fail to remember. It’s the human nature when we ask our self or someone else to not do something, that’s when we actually want to do it. Like- Me:"hey Bill don’t look there", bill: "where?" (staring at where i just asked him not to look at) So I forgot what I wanted to write about sorry reader but thanks for reading any way.
me, with the culprit.


  1. Hmm...good one! I used to wait for Santa with my friends,only to be told by my parents to sleep!

    Bliss of ignorance, i tell you :)

    Keep writing!

  2. ha laughin so bad...Tha was awesome SURI....hi 5..Keep am on break from writing...n u entice me 2 start again.....gud JOB !

  3. seriously man... awesome... even i used to keep socks but never got anything ... but my friend in neighbour used to get some or the other gifts... i remember , once even i asked him wht kinda prayer do we have to do to get gifts n seriously nice blog... waiting for more from ur side... keep writing....

  4. i wish i could add something to it. nonetheless, it was nice,its 'simply fun' reading your blogs
    do keep writing!

  5. :) Good one . Keep writing Will love more of Santa :)

  6. incredbl wrk, very simple yet elegantly presented.loved ur wrk,waitin fr more

  7. ha ha ..lovely post as usual.. brought back memories of my 2yr stay in Goa where I vehemently refused to accept the next door uncle disguised pathetically as the Santa ! :D
    Loved the mystery & the way you narrated the tale. Really lovely!
    The pic is cute too!

  8. thanks everyone for reading my blog!!!!

    @lakshya: ignorance is bliss!
    @harsh: glad you liked it mate!
    @murthy: well i realized that socks dont bring gifts, but grandparents do!
    @jay: thanks man!
    @minesh and vineet: thanks a ton!
    @rinya: ya, i mean the ones you see on tv are so refined an great looking and the ones in real life really seem to never reach the mark set by santas who come on tvs! and thanks!

  9. great as always n funny as well.... ronny , sorry, Sir Reginald is very cute...