Monday, March 29, 2010

coconut nightmares

Okay this time, I have something that doesn’t involve my childhood. Well technically I’m still a child so we are still in my childhood! I will narrate the chores I have had to do since my family moved to kerala. Most of the stuff I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing in my comfy home at trichy only 1 year ago. There are quite a few coconut trees in our compound. And the coconuts as we all know has a thick outer shell when they are freshly plucked from the tree- a green, mean, energy draining layer of natural fiber. (Otherwise known as coir) my first job was to rip out this outer layer, with a gizmo(sharp stick) used for this job for the past 500 odd years in kerala.. Trust me when I saw the guiness record for the most coconuts pealed with just teeth of a person, I was at a loss of words. He ripped off the 10-12 coconuts in little more than a minute. When all I managed to do with a knife, the stick and 15 minutes of all my anger and frustration (for agreeing to do the job for a lousy 10 bucks) is 2 measly coconuts. And I had to do 5 more coconuts, by that time it felt like the remaining coconuts were laughing at me.
Then fortunately I got the hang of it, I found a weak spot in the coconut which I did well to exploit. (I finally had a modus operandi) the next chore, in a few days.

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