Sunday, January 30, 2011

8.00 to 800 a tale of a wasted day .......

Now I have traveled a lot in the short 19 years I have spent on this planet, courtesy of a father who was a railway officer who got transferred often.(just to say how used to travel I am) But yesterday I had the misfortune of having to travel to a college which was at a really remote area.(I went there to participate in an inter-college fest) My friend a new first year student kept pressuring me and another guy from the 3rd year to go with him to the inter college fest, he told us that he has an agreement with the principal that we will get our travel allowance if we show the tickets. (SO na├»ve the first years, they believe everything anyone tells them) So after he agreed to buy a really expensive lunch we all set on a journey to the college (where we were supposed to be at/before 10.30, that’s when the registration closes) at 8.00 AM so I will give you a gist of what I went through at each hour from 8AM to 8PM.

08.00: We get on a private bus, after running behind it for a full 5 minutes through the busy streets (early morning exercise) destination: Kottayam

09.00: still on the bus, the third year guy, Karthik was sitting on my lap ( I was the only one to get a seat) and for your information, he weighs more that 80 kilos, though he will swear on his life that he is just 65.

10.00: still on the bus, traveled for 30 minutes with me sitting on Karthik’s lap. And when we reached Kottayam bus stand, we called the event organizer and asked him to extend the registration time a wee little bit, we said our bus broke down (we got a stay of execution till 11.00 AM. Then we got on a bus to get to the college, the conductor told us we would reach there by 11.40 so we were really “optimistic” about our chances to win (on this bus each of us got a seat so, thank god!)

11.00: Still on the bus, which by the way had a driver who was most certainly drunk. And the songs which were playing on the bus would make you rip your heart out and set it on fire.

12.00: Arguing with the organizers about how we traveled for 4 straight hours to get there, and that we needed to have something to show for it.

01.00: Saw the auto show, took some pictures. Had a fight with the first year guy Ajay, about how he dragged us there and wasted a perfectly good weekend. Then saw the guys at a college perform an air show. (Ya I was thrilled at first too, turns air show in that part of Kerala means an old guy flying a remote control plane in circles) it was almost exciting as we made quite a scene, yelling “We want plane crash” slogans, a lot of that college’s students joined in too. But the “pilot” played spoil sport and caught the plane just as it was about to hit a flower pot when it landed (that catch generated more disappointed “aw’s”, than a penalty miss at a world cup final.)

02:00: was on a bus back to kottayam. A lot of students of that college were talking with us after the incident, when I sat in a rolls roys(on display at the auto show) car to pose for a picture(the idiots organizers deleted the picture as punishment *sniff sniff)
03.00: Ate 230 rs worth of lunch + 1 Rs chocolate. (on me) Got on the bus back to my college (the bus stand near my college)

04.00: playing hand cricket tournament on the bus.

05.00: still on the bus. Sleeping, with my head out the window.

6.00: On the bus to my home from the college bus stand. Still 1 and a half hours travel left before I see my home.

07.30: At home, explaining to mom why I got so late.

08.00: Slept on the couch, even before I had dinner.



  1. lol... hilarious
    seems like u had a "wonderful" day :D

  2. just as i was reading ur post and laughing i read ur about me on the side 'm a type of person that lives life for all it's worth, one day at a time'!
    now, i can well understand y u crib about having such a day :P haha
    good write up though!

  3. hey...poor you..having to survive this 'adventure'...
    and i notice you didnt mention details about your weight when you sat on you friend's lap??! :P