Saturday, January 1, 2011

boredom can get you really hurt, here's why!

29/12/2010- situation: One of those boring days that could make my other boring days sit up and cry with envy. I found myself up very early and with absolutely nothing to do. 

I had brought a joystick to play the FIFA football game better, as if I don’t already spend enough to buy these games each year. And now I really found out how addicted I have become to the game. I started the day grieving, and shocked. (my friend’s call woke me up, our first year’s language results were out) To my relief I got first class and that worry got out of the way. I decided to just play FIFA for a while, then brush my teeth and start my day. But one game turned to 5-6 and the time was 10 am, brushed my teeth, had to buy a packet of biscuits for breakfast that I went through a pack of biscuits in 5 minutes and scalding hot tea to wash it down with. 
                                                     Then the joystick (or joypad as it is called) seemed to be glued to my hands again, usually I loose pretty bad at professional difficulty but today I beat Manchester united 9-0 (I hate man utd, am a Chelsea fan!) And that was like a first dose of heroin for me, because similar margins followed and the clock seemed to move in fast forward mode.
After every game I remember some chore that needs to be done, which I promise to do after the next game. But the whole cycle kept going in circle, and my hand griped the joy pad ever so tightly as each exciting moment came and went. My mom came back from the market (she never sends me to buy fish, apparently I have a special talent to buy stale fish) and she stood there staring at how I yanked , moved and jumped almost like I was trying to synch and do exactly as the tiny little player on the screen seemed to be doing. And I was in a world of my own, guests came and went, with me just dismissing them with a smile. Phone calls from friends asking about the results were just ignored. I was so determined to finish a season with a perfect record, which means I had to win every match.....all 56 one of them, including cup matches.
                               At 3 pm mom switched off the computer by just pulling the plug on the computer after two hours of politely asking me to have lunch, so took lunch as quickly as humanly possible, found out why hick ups occur- they occur when you eat too fast, because each mouthful I took was accompanied by a hick up. I was crazy; I had so much planed for today. I wanted to start reading the “new moon” book. (After much reflection I read twilight, it was actually not half bad) I had to write some intelligible post for my blog, but all of these ideas just vanished in front of all the semi finals and league matches I could play. Strangely my hand was almost numb, and I had trouble bending my fingers when I was eating, “it’ll pass” I thought. 
                                               And off I went to continue in the quest of a perfect season. And I played till 6 pm, and the final match, the finals of the European championship, my team was level at 1-1 ant I was afraid my perfect season will go down the drain at the very last match as the time in the match drew to a close. Then out of the blue one of my players took the ball from our half and ran all the way to score in the last 10 minutes! I was naturally ecstatic; I was jumping around like I was a real footballer who won a big final match. Then I realized I threw the joy pad in my utter joy, it took a hard hit when it fell down. And I hooked it in quickly, then I saw the score 2-2, while I was busy jumping around the stupid team scored again, and before I could react, they scored again in extra time as I sat there watching, helpless and heart broken. My left stick on the joy pad (the one with which I control the players) was not working and I could hear strange sounds from the joy pad when I moved it. The game ended with them winning and me loosing the perfect season at the very last match. (A result which I could not change) 
                                   My day’s hard work was there ruined by a stupid early celebration dance. And my 3 months hard work and sweat, the joy pad sat there broken and battered. But I called the company of the joy pad (the service center in Cochin) they said they can fix it for free because I had a warranty, all I had to do was send my beloved “late Mr. joy pad” to their office by courier and they would fix it and send it back (expense on them) and I realized the joy pad can be fixed, so can the perfect season (just have to waste another day or a couple of days) but the hardest thing to be fixed is my ego. And of course I can’t touch anything with either of my thumbs, and my fingers make a funny sound every time I move them for even a slight millimeter. You may wonder who typed this up then; well it’s my neighbor shaan who says hi to all: “hi!” Well that’s it.

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  1. gives an all new meaning to obsession n passion...reading it was fun.....i luved d part where aunty switched off the computer n imagining d look on ur face.....keep up d good work.....narration was really good.